Saturday, November 17, 2007

Potato Head!

Last month we went to Disneyland. One of the fun things we did was stuff a potato head toy for my grand daughter's Christmas gift. It took us about 45 minutes. About half way through the ordeal we found out that they were out of EARS! I was a little annoyed, but decided to have fun anyway and continue on. When we got home I realized that you couldn't buy ears by themselves. I didn't want to get another whole Potato Head because I knew it would be hard for my daughter to store it.

I turned to the place that solves all my problems.....eBay! I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a seller who was selling Potato Head ears for $.47 a pair! How amazing is that? So, I bought two pairs and now they are safely in my Potato Head waiting for Christmas.

We had a fun time stuffing this guy. You can stuff a smaller box for about $19.00 (I think it was) but this guy was $49.00.

Mr. Potato Head Hints

A popular souvenir is the all-you-can-fit-in-a-box Disney-themed Mr. Potato Head toy. This is available at Engine Ears Toys, just inside the entrance of Disney's California Adventure, For a flat fee you get as many parts as you can manage to fit into the provided box, or a bigger plastic potato head, as long as it closes and is not bulging. Here are some hints for getting the most for your money when buying this toy:

  • If possible, buy one or more basic Mr. Potato Heads while you're still at home. You can get one cheaply from a discount store (or even a thrift store or yard sale, if you're really frugal). The head sold at Disneyland is the same as the standard ones sold elsewhere, and it's the bulkiest part. Since will take up a lot of room in the box, skip it and load up on the Disney-exclusive parts! You may be able to make up multiple complete sets if you buy the heads separately.

  • If you do buy the head at Disneyland, be sure to open up the back and fill it up with parts! This is allowed.

  • Be sure to get plenty of arms at Disneyland. The arms are different from the standard arms that you can get elsewhere, and they allow you to attach special Disney items like Mickey ice cream bars, video camera with Mickey ears, balloons and autograph books. They also have the famous bride and groom mickey ears.

This is such a fun activity and I am sure kids would love doing it. When we were there, during the 100° fire time, it was cool inside. And...they will deliver it to your room, if staying at one of the resort hotels.

For more cool Disneyland tips, go HERE.


Sara said...

Thanks for posting your experience. We are going to Disneyworld this weekend and want to get the parts for my son. On the tips part, why is an original Mr. Potato Head is required? We do have one and just want to learn why before we bring along and of course don't want to buy another Mr. Potato Body. Thanks.

Welcome to my blog! said...

Hi Sara! I have never been to disneyworld so can't speak for them but at Disneyland you do not have to buy the body. You can do a box of parts only. We have done that before! Good luck. If you think about it, let me know how me know how you do! In fact if you email me a picture and little entry about your trip I'll post it on the blog! Have a great time! My email is