Friday, March 21, 2008

Pick of the Week, 2 for 1

Admittedly, I am not a big fan of Martha Stewart. It has something to do with how she presents herself. Maybe because years ago she was telling us how to care for our roses and I started listening, because after all I have roses! Then she got to the part where we had to go out to our chicken coop and get some droppings. That just angered me. I don't know why. I mean.....does most of the world have a chicken coop or even know anyone who does? From that moment on, I really haven't liked her.

Even so, I have to admit, she has lots of good ideas. The other day while having my coffee and looking at the Mickey on my ceiling I ended up channel surfing. I stopped on her show because she was talking about orchids. My sweet Kelly has an orchid that she is trying to get to bloom, so I decided to see what they were going to say. (maybe it needed chicken droppings) :D In the show she started demonstrating a cookie from her new book. I perked right up! Cookie book, with pictures and everything in category, now THAT is something I could enjoy. I promptly found it on and bought one for each of the gals in our family. Needless to say they loved them and my Kelly even cooked page 198 (Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies)! They were delicious and if I hadn't eaten them so quickly I'd have a picture! So, buy it now for all your chef friends and even yourself, maybe we can attain guru status! (especially if you add a chicken coop)

And while I'm recommending is one you can use with your children. It is a really cute book with pictures and illustrative directions!

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Marti said...

So fun! You are the BEST MIL!!