Friday, February 29, 2008

"Look" of the week!

I know there have been several times since I began the pick of the week that I talked about Gospel for Asia. They are archived here and here. As far as I can remember I haven't talked about Bridge of Hope.

We sponsor 2 children. I received my letters this past week, with pictures they creatively colored.

Gospel for Asia sponsors missionaries in their native countries. Not that there is anything wrong with Western missionaries, but native missionaries from their own culture know all the things they need to know to live there. They can live much cheaper than other non-native missionaries and can reach their friends easier than a non-native can.

This is a program called Bridge of Hope. It is a children's outreach program, designed to rescue thousands of children in Asia from a life of poverty and hopelessness by giving them an education and introducing them to the love of God. Through this effort, churches are planted and entire communities are set on a course toward spiritual transformation as well as social development. It is remarkable inexpensive at $28.00 a month. What I love about Gospel for Asia is that 100% of the money donated goes to what you donate it for. The staff raise their own separate funds. It is a worthy and trustworthy cause.


gene said...

what a nice picture!

Marti said...

We support Gospel for Asia too. Thanks for sharing. (miss you!!)

geno said...

i like the picture.

time for a new post!!!