Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And the winner is.....Chantel!

Chantel said...

"Just tweeted about the contest and the blog post. Thanks for hosting this! Merry Christmas!"

Her favorite tradition from her earlier post was "Okay, that orange tree is amazing. My favorite tradition is only five years old--started when my daughter was born. Because all of our family lives in Miami, and we live in Alabama, we always travel for the holidays. And so, Santa visits about a week early, just before our trip. We call it "Alabama Christmas." It's like we get TWO CHRISTMASES. How awesome is that?"

That is a pretty awesome thing!  Thanks for the comment on the Orange tree!  You either love it or hate it!  Chantel e-mail me with "Hey Pam, I won stuff on your blog" in the subject line.

In your e-mail give me your e-mail address (if different from what you emailed me with) and mailing address that way I can get your D23 membership off to you! 

Thank you to all who commented and all who secretly read my blog! Be sure to comment next time, it is so fun to win!  Just ask Chantel! Hope your Christmas is truly blessed in both Alabama and Miami! (and everywhere in between!)

To come up with the random winner, I used and this was the outcome:


Chantel said...

Oh, wow! Thank you. This is an early Christmas present. Just in time for Alabama Christmas! Hope your holidays are lovely and restful. And again, THANKS!!!

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