Friday, January 27, 2012

A fantastic giveaway!

There has been a reason why I haven't been blogging of late, and I will talk about that soon, but right now I'd like to share an amazing giveaway option.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now you have probably figured out that I like love my Disneyland silhouette collection!  There is something else I like love!

A wonderfully creative site called le papier studio.  I don't think I can explain this site better than Vana herself-

"Professionally trained as an architect, Vana Chupp has always been artistically inspired by the sweet and simple moments in life.  Her craft was born with the birth of her beautiful boy Nikolas. Documenting her son’s milestones by cleverly capturing his personality, emotion, playfulness and essence, she began using silhouettes to tell her own life story.  It’s a love story – continuing to blossom, with Nikolas as her muse. Coming full circle, Vana was able to combine her passion and artistic experience and share it all with you! In 2008 Vana launched her dream job; Le Papier Studio,  a small woman-owned business that expresses creativity and inspiration, all the while giving her time to fulfill her most important job; being a mom."

I absolutely love that she is  "inspired by the sweet and simple moments in life".  Being a mom is what should be most important to everyone with children!  I have been purchasing her items for a year or so now After our trip to Disneyworld, I contacted her to ask if she could reproduce my silhouette from Disneyworld into a charm.  Last Christmas (2010) I received this lovely necklace.  And from then on I have been a huge fan....

This  necklace is no longer available, but you can get the silhouette charm here

Then, it was on!  I continue to enjoy all their artistic items!  Above is a return address stamp that I blogged about here.

I have received a bracelet, earrings and even a ring all with the original silhouette they adapted for me. 

The bracelet is still available here
The earrings here.
The ring here

So, what are you waiting for?  Surf on over to Le Papier Studio's blog and enter their fantastic giveaway!  Check out their shop and order some amazing custom or just plain awesome stuff!  You'll be so happy you did! Better have until Monday!

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