Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's great to be a turkey! Day 2

What a great day at Disneyland! It was sooooo cold, with high Santa Ana Winds. I have been nursing a cold, which is such a drag. But, it is exciting because I am nowhere as ill as I would have been before the LDN. I am hoping I will be better tomorrow. I was pretty bad today, but I still had a fun time. Above are the presidential turkeys! The very ones that were pardoned by President Bush this past Thanksgiving. I also conquered my fear and went on The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror, 2 times! We also won one of the daily fast passes for both Disneyland and California Adventure, but didn't really need to use any of them because of the fact that the parks were not that busy. (Probably because of the COLD winds!) My friend Marti and part of her lovely family was there for part of the day. What a fun treat! We had a wonderful breakfast on our balcony...until we realized it was freezing! We had lunch with Marti and her family at the French Market and dinner at the Blue Bayou. Well, I am really tired. I wanted to post my realization "It's great to be a pardoned turkey!"...Please pardon me if I seem scatterbrained! See you tomorrow! It is supposed to be WINDY!

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