Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Moderating Comments

Good Morning! I am probably a little more chipper than most today because our family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday! I decided it would be less stressful to do it on Friday, that way my children's spouses could all go to their families on Thursday and there would not be the time constraints and worry. Gene and I decided years ago that we would not be the "in-laws" that made demands. It isn't about the holiday but about the family. And because we have this attitude, our holiday times are wonderful and loads of fun!

Look at all we have to do to the left. I am still chipper because we are not having everyone at my home but at my daughter's home. So I don't have to worry about creating a pleasant atmosphere, but can be as messy as I like. (as you can see) I am so excited about seeing my Daughter, Son-in-Law and especially Cecelia. They have been gone on a vacation for a little over 2 weeks. I missed them so. I wonder if Cecilia will remember me...I mean she is only 10 months old and has been gone now for almost 3 weeks. That is a big chuck of your life when you are so young! But I digress.......
I should get to the title, moderating comments. I wanted to let you know why I must approve the comments before they post. There are times I receive inappropriate mail from whacked out people. Sometimes it is links to less than desirable sites, sometimes it is horrible photos and sometimes it is mean comments. I know I can just delete them, but in the chance I don't see them for a while, I wouldn't want them posted on my site for even a moment. I wouldn't want anyone hurt or affected by someone else's cruelty.
So please understand I want your comments! I love hearing about where you are from and what you think of my site. I don't moderate the comments in order to change them in any way. I just don't want inappropriate hurtful things on my site. So.....please post!
Have a safe, wonderful Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving will never come again, so enjoy it to its fullest! Don't allow insignificant issues to ruin your day! Mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare! (Eat to live and not live to eat!) or as Grandpa Gene would say....Manga!


Marti said...

I am psyching up to "Manga" - thanks for reminding me!
We're looking forward to our festivities tomorrow. I'll keep you posted, of course.
I can't believe how organized you are! Oh wait... that makes you...SUPERIOR!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Marti said...

I am giving thanks today for the gift of your wonderful friendship!