Friday, December 15, 2006

Is this weird?

Well....I told you before how I love giving gifts....Don't ever tell me you collect things because I will look high and low for whatever it is. I found out a couple of years ago the wife of our building supervisor collects Annalee Dolls. I think they are a little scary looking myself, but she had a home full of them at Christmas time. So for the last couple of years I bought her one. This year I couldn't resist this one. It reminds me of Pete's Dragon, Puff the Magic Dragon and a cross stitch I did of a little girl with a dragon. I don't know if she will like it but I do. Are you suppose to buy something the person likes or something you like? Ha! Anyway, here's to Dragons!

Bad lighting I know...this is the cross stitch I was talking about.

1 comment:

Marti said...

Dragons?? You want more dragons?
Go see Eragon. In theaters today!
Really fun.