Thursday, December 07, 2006


I forgot to mention how much we love the pickle game! Kelly was last years winner. I made it harder by putting the gift in a trivia game. They had to answer questions about the Bible to get the gift certificate out. You would think it was easy for Pastor's kids....but it was a pretty difficult game.

In years past we had to resort to harder "pickles". One year I had been extremely sick. We bought a white (silver) tree in honor of "The Return Of The King" movie release. That year I had to find something that would be harder to spot. The tree was white/silver and a green pickle would really stick out, not to mention I didn't decorate it that year because of my health.
I found a little snow flake earring and used that. It was hard, but as I remember Geno found it. I wonder if being color blind helped?

Year before last Johnny won (2004).

I plan on making it hard again this year, as we have the silver tree up. I have an actual 1 inch pickle that has been painted and glittered. What do you think?

Too easy? Well, it will be hidden better. We never hide it however where you can't see it, meaning you don't have to move branches. But they never believe me and can be pretty rough looking for it.

I'm looking forward to younger kids playing......but it may be a while as I only have one grandchild and she is 10 months old!

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