Saturday, January 27, 2007

My husband loves coffee!

My husband loves coffee! He roasts his own beans and loves to try new brews. He even tried to grow a plant, but that didn't work. This is his new coffee item. It is a Chemex Brewer. I must admit it makes a great cup of coffee. I have learned a lot about coffee. For instance, the 50's percolator style coffee maker is the worst way to make coffee. It use to be my favorite until I was educated that it was WRONG! We have espresso machines, expensive and cheap ones. We have foamers, roasters, moka pots, Turkish and I don't know what else! But this latest one really makes a great cup of coffee. His latest "favorite" coffee is Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey Blend. You can find out just about anything you want to know at Sweet Maria's. Are you reading this Marti? That Chemex Brewer would be a great gift for Eric! I personally love Peets Arabian Mocha Java blend. I do want to try the Luwak coffee, but am worried about a trustworthy place to buy it. Anyway,the new brewer is nice to look at and it is great to have my own barista in the mornings!

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Marti said...

a wonderful addiction! I love Gene's collection. And I especially love that he shares with us around 2pm everyday. =D