Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stoneybridge Church

We put away our Christmas decorations last week, as I said before. It does feel good to get things back in their boxes. My husband and I after joke about having a whole room (buy now I think we might need a whole home) where you keep it set up all year long and just venture inside in the month of December! Of coarse this room would have to be air tight to keep all the dust and dirt out. It is a wonderful dream, don't you think? This year we had a great tree that was amazing. It is called the first ever Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Christmas Tree from the Bradford Editions. Now I must say, I loved that tree. It was magnificent! I put it in my bed room and it was lit all night long. Now that it is put away I found myself feeling a little down. So My daughter told me about the little houses she collects called Santa's Workbench Collection. She had quite a few cute ones and they were so nice for the inexpensive cost. I decided last week to look on my favorite shopping spot eBay and see if I could find any unusual things. Well, I ended up getting 3 things for Mary's collection, but this one to the right caught my eye. First it lights up so wonderfully and takes the place of the big Christmas tree. I know it is covered in snow and does have wreaths on the windows, but it felt like home to me. My husband is a pastor of a church that looks a lot like that. Tonight is my first night sleeping under the warm glow of the Stoneybridge Church! Even the doors appear open, just in case I have to go in! If I am not careful I could start collecting the churches from this line. I might have to buy that Christmas house! All I need is money!

This is the amazing tree I told you about....light gleams out of every crevice people going up and down visiting loved ones! If you can ever buy one I don't think you will be disappointed!

Thanks for being there. I know there are some of you in Australia and Europe even South America. I hope I can encourage your day a little. I will be writing more about LDN, but I have developed a bad cold with possible bronchitis, so I want to see how I do since I'm not on Betaseron and on the new LDN. We shall see. So far nothing worse than having a cold. That is a blessing!

One more thing.....we decided to leave our Moravian Star up. I love the light it has at night.

It hangs there the same but the Christmas stuff around it is away. I love the light!

God bless us every one!

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