Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We have guests!

The Last few days we have been woken up to the sounds of mourning doves. A couple has decided to nest in a rather old bush near our bedroom window. We have a window air conditioner in that window to get the room extra cool. No matter how low we keep the central air, it is never cool enough for me and my M.S. dove sits on the air conditioner and one is usually on the pool deck. Our dog Momo just walks by like nothing is going on. It is a strange relationship. My Siberian Huskies would have killed them by now. They must have a nest in that bush, but I have not gotten close enough to investigate. In the past we have had nests of other birds like the mockingbird and house finch. I like this couple because they don't attack my dog, like the mocking birds do/did. A few years ago a finch decided to make a nest on our out door light. It was so fun and cute to watch them raise several chicks however they were not great nest builders. We had to support the nest. The problem was our light never worked after that. We had to have an electrician come and put a new one in. I feel it is a small price to pay to watch nature up close!

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