Monday, June 25, 2007

We did that!

Reading my daughter's blog, I see they have been spending lots of time boating! Well......I did that....once, maybe twice! I love this picture of them and while looking at it I remembered I have a couple of pictures that look like it! Well....kind of....

I know, it is old and grainy but you get the idea. We went camping with a couple not long after we were married in 1976. We went to Lake Mojave (I think) and camped and boated. They had beautiful new a speed boat. I did try and ski, but I guess my arms were not strong enough and being the beauty queen I was, decided it wasn't worth looking stupid to ski. But Gene did get up....

And there he is. I can't remember but I think he was doing 2 ski's. Seems things have changed since then.....but here's Johnny (always wanted to say that) "-)

And how cool does he look?

I was looking at her pictures and started realizing how very quickly life goes by. I notice people around me running, hurrying, angry, never stopping. They seem to have lost touch with this day those lovely days of youth will be over. Enjoy your time M & J! It makes me smile to see you so happy!

Time passes quickly but eternity is forever! Thank you Lord for giving us eternity!

Weren't we so cool?


kelly said...

Look how HOT you are mom! Way to go!

Marta said...

What ever happened to Cary and Tanya? Those were "Happy Days" indeed.
So glad we have 30+ years of friendship. You have been a gift from God to me. =D