Friday, September 21, 2007

Pam's Friday Spotlight

Martha Stewart has "it's a good thing", Oprah Winfrey has "favorite things", Lucky Luke has "stock pick of the week", Mary Engelbreit has "this we like", so I think all the snappy titles are taken, but I want to have a weekly item that I love! Why? Well, it makes for an easy post! And....maybe it will be a blessing to someone. I'm left with....Pam's Friday Spotlight! How original!

This is it! The Sonicare Sonic Toothbrush! This little wonder has changed my dental care! It is a little pricey, about $70 (at Target) but your gums and teeth are well worth it! Since I started using this system, I have no plaque! I mean it! My teeth are whiter and my gums no longer bleed no matter how rough I am with the floss.

I have always taken good care of my teeth, as an adult, that is. As a child, my parents didn't see to think it was necessary to go to the dentist often, little alone 2 times a year. I think my first visit was when I was 13. Of coarse by then I had a mouth full of cavities. Since then we have pretty much gone every 6 months. I floss daily. But even with all that diligence, I would have rough check-ups. then my son said his dentist told him about this toothbrush. I decided I'd try it and am very amazed at the results! One thing I really like about it is the automatic shut off. After 2 minutes of brushing it stops! So I know I have gone the correct amount of time.

I usually hate the dentist (not the dentist personally, just going to the dentist), but now I can't wait to go for my check up and see what they say. I say give it a try!

Remember to "be true to your teeth or they will be false to you"!


gene pensiero said...

i love the new post series! i look forward to many spotlights.

happy birthday week!

love you

Marti said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm a water-picker myself, but now I'm intrigued by your endorsement.
Maybe you could do this as a video segment each week?? =D

Love you!
(Happy Bilbo & Frodo's birthday - come over to my blog and check out the party!)

Pam Pensiero said...

Geno...thanks for the birthday week! You are the best!

Marti...that's a great idea...I will have to try that. I haven't used the built in camera since I talked to you! I'm telling you..that toothbrush is way superior to water-pick, which I used too. Don't get a cheaper brush (like the $20.00 generic kind). It must be a sonicare - I got mine at Target.

I love how you always remember our dear Frodo and Bilbo!