Sunday, September 16, 2007

That's enough about me...let's talk about ME!

I had a birthday today! When I came home from my lovely daughter's home, I stopped by my friends blogs and saw my oldest and dearest friend Marti had a whole post about me! Quite an interesting feeling to have someone love you that much that they would write all those things and have her lovely talented daughter put together a clip that spans those few years we lived only a few miles apart and were able to visit often. She, of coarse, lived at the Beach and we lived at the DESERT, so we usually visited them.

I met Marti in (or around) 1975. I had a job at "The City" theaters and Marti also worked there. We hit it off great and our relationship grew from there. Marti was and is the "talented" one. She has blown my mind for 30+
years at how many ideas she has and all she can do in just one day! She is an amazing writer, which you can see on her blog, she is an amazing cook and does just about everything well. We kept in touch during those years, as you can see from the clip. In 1977 we had a fun trip to Disneyland, where we rode the new ride..."Space Mountain". Funny, but our trips to Disneyland seem to always be windy! I'm sure it means something in the cosmic world, I just don't know what.

Somewhere around this time (1979) Gene and I gave our lives to the Lord and promptly called M & M to tell them our news! It wasn't so exciting for them to hear since the dynamics of our lives would change. I have a vivid memory of going to visit them not long after that. Marti and I staying up all night talking about Jesus. I told her everything I knew about being a Christian. After her conversion, we had even more in common!

We moved from Southern California in 1985 and lost touch. I believe it was because of the fact that she was trying to raise 2 kids, going to school, etc. We were trying to start a Church. And....there was no Interne
t! So to get information you had to write real letters. And the truth is, we were both too busy to do it. We did manage the regular Christmas card with some "news" in it. I so looked forward to receiving her card, because as usual it was always so beautiful and creative. In fact it was Marti that inspired me to do a picture card each year.

Then my son went away to college and I entered the world of IM. It was so wonderful to be able to talk to your son pretty much anytime of the day. During this time Marti and I reconnected. Now there are picture phones and text messaging so we talk just about every day, in one manner or a
nother. We probably know each other better now than we did 30 years ago. My new lap top has a built in camera, you you guessed it....we "texted" her to go on line and when she did we did a video call...where she could see our freak show! Gene showed her how he makes my morning cappuccino and of coarse we had CJ and could involve her. I can see her family all sitting around her lap top cracking up at us!

I've shared so many wonderful moments and even sad things with Marti. I wish she was closer so I could enjoy her beautiful kids. But I read
every day about what they are up to and am so happy they are doing well. No surprise that they are very creative....just like their mom! So....Thanks Marti for a fun walk down memory lane! I may not be able to write as well or create as well, but if you need a math problem done, or a legal description read...then I'm your gal!

I had a wonderful birthday, tomorrow I'll gush all about it! But for now....thanks for the delightful surprise!

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Marti said...

Was so NOT expecting that! I am all weepy and full of love for you right now. Wish you were here to hug in person.
Thanks for being such a great friend all these years.
The City is now called The Block. And there is no way on earth I could fit into that stylin' jumpsuit (=D) but the thing that hasn't changed is how much I treasure you & Gene.
Thanks for saying all those nice things.
We ALL wish you lived nearer, but I guess we'll just have to wait til your next Disneyland visit.
Love you. Mean it.