Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We're back!

We have been back a few days now. Why does going on "vacation" take more out of you than if you just stayed home and rested? I have been doing laundry for days now and trying to get caught up at work.

We had a fun time even though it was HOT! (near 100 most days)

I knew we were in trouble when we smoke from our car while on the Grapevine. By the time we arrived at Disneyland, we found out there were 16 fires burning. The smell of smoke was everywhere and our eyes burned like crazy. Then there was the low humidity, which made our skin feel like it was on fire. I couldn't drink enough water!
I didn't do as well as I liked but we had a great time together. I guess I have to embrace my M.S. and understand that I just can't do as much as others. But with that said, I didn't use a wheel chair and didn't limp. All the same, we decided to do more spur of the moment trips instead of planned reserved ones. We found out that Disney was not charging for cancellations, but we didn't know that when we left.

Some of the most memorable things was our dinner with the Darby's and one Hohneker (missed you Adam!), climbing the Tarzan Tree House (the last time I was on that it was the Swiss Family Tree House) visiting the Pirate Liar, going to Mickey's Halloween Treat (which had no lines on the rides...I will write a better review of that later, as I think people might enjoy the information) and of coarse eating at the Blue Bayou!

BTW...all these pictures were taken from our car!

It was a great time, just sad that California was burning. Special recognition to the firemen we saw having lunch at In-N-Out in Bakersfield. How great it is that we all pull together when needed!


gene pensiero said...

great post! i liked the use of links and the pictures.

hope the special review comes soon!

Marti said...

We had a great time with you guys, too! Just not enough time. . . =(
Thanks for the fun dinner at the Rainforest. We miss you already!