Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A rant or just another reason

So, last week we came home to see this horrible BLUE trash can in every one's driveway. Apparently we have to meet some government standard to recycle. Now, before you think I am a weirdo, let me elaborate. Years ago, they use to have another system. It was a red, white and blue crate system. You would separate your bottles, cans and paper into these bins. A truck would come around and pick up the recycling. The thing was that somehow it mysteriously stopped and we ended throwing out the crates. There was a scandal, as I recall, that they would pick up the recycling and just throw it in with all the rest of the trash. I am not convinced yet that they aren't doing the same thing now because it takes a lot to "recycle" plastic, bottles, paper, etc. I don't think our town has invested in any kind of true recycle program. But needless to say we have to abide by this new system.

Here are the instructions that came along with the can.

As you can see it says they are not to be left out on the street or in an alley. Apparently everyone thinks it is alright to leave them out in their front yard. It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. On our nightly walks all you see is the stupid NEON BLUE trash cans in every one's yard! To make matters worse, the "flier" doesn't say when the trash will be picked up. Now, before you think "it is with the rest of the trash on the trash day", let me tell you that a few years ago they gave us a greenish one that we have to put yard clippings in and they pick that up on different day than the regular trash pick-up day. Or to be more precise, they cut our 2 times a week pick-up down to one day for regular trash and one day for the yard clippings. They also gave us smaller trash cans. Yet they keep raising the fees we pay for trash pick-up.

Well today was trash day, and somehow everyone understood to put out the blue can along with the regular one. (not the green one) But here is the thing....now people with shopping carts are going along the street taking trash out of people's recycling cans. My husband was going to take a picture but thought he might get beat up.

I guess I sound harsh, but I really don't want that going on in the neighborhood. And....why should they get paid (probably by the same government that is charging me to pick up the trash) to take my trash in? And that picture I opened with? That is my NEIGHBOR'S trash cans in front of my house....yes, it is on the side of his home but in front of my cute Hidden Mickey gate and in view of my front window!

Not to mention they are going to "police" the can and if anything is in it that shouldn't be they will charge us a fine of $35.00. (this is what it says on the web site, they never told us or put it in the flier) Wait...did I mention they want the "animal waste" put in separate plastic bags?????

BTW our trash cans are on the side of our house in our back yard away from the public view.

Another thing...they should put their effort into cleaning up the water. Every few months we get a notice that we have high arsenic count in the water....but it is ok to drink! Right....we buy bottled.

I love their tips:

Recycle Tips (Blue Container)

  • Crush bulky materials such as boxes, milk containers and plastic soda and soap bottles.

  • Throw recyclable bottles, cans, plastic, tin, paper, etc. in the container loosely.

  • Buy products with less packaging.

Buy products with less packaging? How can we do that? I mean....you buy what you need. Tell it to the people who package the stuff!

Did I mention that the mailman won't deliver my mail if anyone is anyway near my mail box? But that is another topic. (all I know is I got a postal survey and plan to fill it out!!!!)

I guess I can get on with my day now. Thanks for letting me vent!

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