Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vintage Christmas

Yesterday after my post, I decided to find the pictures of us pretending to be asleep. I found a whole slew of pictures from Christmas long past. It seemed from the pictures we loved several things.....tinsel, garlands and Noble Firs. Check out that TV! That family above is Woody's famed family. I'm adding more of the gems I found.

Here is a recap....(top left) my dog Bootsie. As I recalled he lifted his leg on my Christmas present from my dad...a Cinderella watch. I wish I had that watch now, it was probably one of the first "original" Disney watches. (top right) I appear to be sneaking a peek under the tree.
(middle left) The same family I have been talking about. This time in the new thing called COLOR film. And Lou Ann's mom Dottie (aren't the names great?) was always into artsy stuff, like doing the tree in all red. (middle right) That is my home. Notice the TV! (bottom left)
same picture from above....sorry. (bottom right) My Mom.
And here's a rare one. My Grandfather holding me...check out the tinsel!


kelly said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a treasure! I LOVE those! =D