Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy 2008!

I must admit I considered stopping my blog. There is nothing worse than thinking you are dropping the ball on something that you are not sure anyone even reads. But somehow I think it is a fun thing to do (blogging) and I do hope my blog will persuade some people with Multiple Sclerosis to try L.D.N. I am going to be posting a M.S./L.D.N. update soon but for now just a sincere wish to all of you out in cyber land....Happy New Year...(I know, it's really late)

The beginning/end of the year is always busy. But for a church it is so much more. I have cut my hours down to 20 hours a week but in 3 I'm pretty tired by the time it is up. It took about a week to get the tree down, and all the other "fun" stuff. I haven't been able to check my favorite blogs....sorry everyone. I make a promise to check you all out today and get caught up. If not today, then tomorrow, as I won't have to be at the office.

So what is that picture? My sweet daughter stopped by and brought me a gift yesterday. I had admired one she had at her home Christmas Eve. I found on-line directions on how to make said light.....then there it was in my daughter's hand yesterday! It is just a lovely thing. Why didn't I think of it? So, i f any of you are so inclined to plan ahead....maybe part of your New Years resolutions, you can go to that site and recreate this cute light. I think it could be a nice, inexpensive gift for those hard to buy! Are you game?

Anyway, don't abandon me, I promise to try to be more diligent in my blogging.......


gene said...

i LOVE your blog! don't quit.

and i always like the pictures you post.

love you mom!

kelly said...

We would NEVER stop reading your blog! We don't care if you only blog once a year, we'd read it anyway.


Marti said...

A light brick?
It's so beautiful!
I finally took all the Christmas stuff down, but it's waiting to go into storage.
It's not too late to say Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! =D