Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My favorite topic for a rant

Well here it is...the mail. I know individual postal carriers are fine, some are even great. But the actual post office is a joke. Every week I get items delivered to me that should have gone to someone else, I get mail that is delivered LATE!

This is the recent example. We mailed our gas bill (from the office) and low and behold a few days later we got this mess back. It just cracks me up. Looking at this it reminded me of the most famous one ever...which was a book (out of print, old book my husband ordered for his Pastor's Library). It arrived soaking wet. My husband takes it to the post office to show it to them and they go...."yeah, it's damaged." Then they take a stamp and put "DAMAGED" on it. No money back, or reimbursement. Well, after all, I guess we didn't have insurance. Anyway just another example of why I don't ever trust the mail!


kelly said...

I don't trust it either and I think we should think about starting some kind of revolt. I'll put on my thinking cap if you'll put yours on.

Marti said...

I never even give the mail a second thought. Hmm... perhaps this problem is just specific to HANFORD. =D