Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friday's Pick....a Disney Scavenger Hunt...or 2

There it is!!!!!! We tried and tried and finally caught it! But what is it? It is a picture of the jumping fish that are randomly jumping in the pond by Big Thunder Ranch. (at Disneyland) Most people just walk by and never notice. This is where having a disease come in handy. You are sort of faced to stop and smell the flowers, look at the ducks making little ducklings, watch a pigeon get across the street without being stomped to death. What does this have to do with anything? My 2 Thumbs WAY UP recommendation for anyone going to Disneyland is to do one of Marta's scavenger hunts. This is what you do. Print out her pictures put them in one of those little inexpensive photo cases you can get at Target and then take picture of yourself in the very same spot! They are quite ingenious. But, please try it without help. (meaning by clicking on the picture you will see the general area the photo is taken from) Click HERE for hunt #1 and HERE for hunt #2! Now I have another reason to return! (as if I needed one) There is always another reason! Maybe I will make one of these hunts myself, I guess I will have to go back to get the pictures! :D

Here are a couple of teasers.....

Do you know where these are?

And for your enjoyment


Anonymous said...

Ha! Thanks for the links. I had a blast putting those hunts together. Maybe I've finally found my calling in life? =D
It's only fair that you come down and PLAY!!

Casey said...

I am a silent but faithful follower of your blog, but I thought I'd comment on this post.

I LOVED your friend Marti's scavenger hunt. Jamie and I can't wait to go later this summer and complete both hunts. And although I don't have a disease to slow me down, we do have a 4 1/2 month old he may have a similar effect on us.

Great posts...keep up the good work.