Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day....A Joyful Heart!

My May began with a surprise May Day Basket! Someone, I won't name, but I have my opinion. (mostly because they drove by us on our walk and acted like they didn't see us, even though we flashed our high power police flash light at them) I spoke about May Baskets last year and you can read about it here!

My Mother's day began after church and before church! Let me explain. We have two services on Sunday mornings and for the last couple of weeks we have been hosting a parenting class in the evening. So we had a brief window of time between the two. Geno and Kelly had us all over to their home for a great Mother's Day Gala! It started with some wonderful hot panini's. Way better than Panera! I, of coarse, had the Irish cheese.

Then there was the cake! Man...such a great cake! Chocolate with butter cream icing and filling that had strawberries in it! Who could ask for more....

But there was more..Lots of wonderful goodies. Flowers, camera armor (for my amazing new Nikon D40), OneTouch 4(to protect my pictures!), chocolates, and a bodum tea press!
Who could really ask for more?

Did I mention my daughter wrote a wonderful blog to me? There could not be a prouder or happier Mom/Grandma!

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