Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hazmat it isn't!

After the last debacle with ordering bitter orange, I tried a new source. As I was enjoying my supper I heard the familiar sound of the UPS driver. We get almost daily packages. Not because I buy so much (which I do, since having M.S. I pretty much never drive anywhere), but because Hanford doesn't have a regular route (at least where our church is located) and the nice UPS drivers bring the packages destined for our church to our home. Ah, the perks of living in a small town! Wait, I was talking about hazmat.

Gene answered the door thinking yet another package for our church was here, but NO, it was a package from Cuban Food Market! I decided after reading Kikita's post about Royal Violet Cologne, to try a bottle. And while I am at it I thought I would try their bitter orange and cooking wine.

I couldn't wait to spray on the cologne! I don't even like to wear cologne because it always makes me allergic. But not this one. It smells so wonderful! The other things arrived safe and sound and for a very reasonable price. I can't wait to make Arroz con Pollo de Perez-Puelles for my family. I could have a full house as my brother's children are visiting. It could be a big fat Irish/Italian family!

Thanks for the recommendations Kakita! Did you get my picture?


Kikita said...

I got the picture! I'm so glad to hear you like/can-tolerate the smell!

Can't wait to hear how your Arroz con Pollo comes out!

Marti said...

You and your big, fat, Irish family are just so awesome! I love that you love what I love....

Kisses from your BFF,