Sunday, July 20, 2008

One car, one home, THREE phones!

Does anyone remember the first cell phone? Well, that's it, the Brick! We were forced into buying one when some bratty kids kept giving us middle of the night calls. They were some of the most horrible girls in the 5th grade at the school my kids went to. That was one of the major reasons we decided to leave that school, but that is a painful memory and I am sure (hopefully) the bratty kids grew into nice adults.

Back to my story, we would get these calls on Saturday nights and they would go on all night long. My husband being a pastor had to get his sleep, but there was one problem. (I secretly hope these bratty kids have found my blog and are reading this post) :D We had moved my mom here because she was dying of congestive heart failure. We couldn't take the phone off the hook and sleep peacefully because she might need to call us. She came here to die and because of her situation, there was a real chance she would need to be rushed to the hospital.

So we were forced into the cell phone era. We went and bought that huge cell phone affectionately called the brick. We were now free and could allow our kids to go to Saturday nights and could call for help if our car broke down! Since that time we have always had a cell phone, or should I say Gene has always had a cell phone. He has upgraded every couple of years on schedule. It has been an amazing journey. I have to admit, I was feeling a little left out since his phone was always receiving a text or picture or something. I'd always have to ask who called what did they say. And I could never see his stuff because I refuse to wear bi-focals, but I digress.

Yesterday, I entered into the cell phone world! With...da ta da da....the latest iphone!

Just look at it! It is a thing of beauty. I am figuring it out, but I find it is too helpful. For example, I try and text my daughter and ask how CJ is but it changes it to cu. I am slowly figuring it out. So, friends out there....text me! If you need my number, text Gene and he will give it to you, or e-mail me and I will answer! I feel so connected! Don't be confused if my texts don't make since. I probably just pushed the wrong button. Like signing up for a ring tone service when all I wanted to do was figure out what a ring tone is.



How cool!!

Hopefully you get an email notice for this comment and can read it on your phone.

Pam Pensiero said...

Ha! Thanks Lisa, I did get it on my phone! :D