Monday, July 28, 2008

Somewhere in time

Driving downtown this weekend we saw an unexpected site! I blinked and shook my head. Had I been transported back in time? These were Model A's weren't they? They lined the street. It was an amazing site. Upon further investigation I saw it was a club!

They were beautiful! I'm not a big car fan, but I could get into owing one of these. It seemed they were out for a drive and stopped at a famous landmark, The Superior Dairy.

Superior Dairy is a locally owned ice cream shop that is famous for their ice cream and 50's style look. They do make a great lemon and peach ice cream, but I digress!

Back to my story, we drove by the cars and were stunned! I didn't have my camera, so my husband dutifully went home to pick it up. I mean, blog fodder is hard to find not to mention the rarity of the site!

Look at that! I look at it longingly. Start thinking, maybe it would be fun to own one. But then reality hits! No air conditioning! It is a 97°. So that thought is gone. But then I saw this

I guess we aren't the only weirdos! :D

Hard to make out, I know, but it is Mickey & Minnie in the rear window. That's my cute husband taking the picture! I feel like it is one of the artsy photos my son likes to take!

Thanks Sierra Chapter for the fun surprise today! Your cars and trucks are beautiful!

For those of you interested in a little You Tube for Superior Dairy, enjoy the clip below!

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