Sunday, August 03, 2008

Being a great MIL involves entering into an alien world!

The mail arrives the other day and there was a package at my porch. What could it be? Not sure I ordered a book. Maybe it is something else. Maybe my autographed copy of Marti's book. (couldn't resist)

No, no, it's the HARDCOVER Cabela's catalog! Now, I have never been to a Cabela's store. I have never received such a grand book before.

I pride myself on gift giving. I like to know what my recipient likes. If you read my blog, then you know I have two great kids and two amazing mates to go with them. M
y Son-in-Law likes to hunt, fish, and pretty much anything else that goes along with it. My own son, likes music, reading and pretty much everything that goes with it! So you can understand my situation. I admit, I am not smart about all things sports. I am learning all about soccer (we were a baseball, softball family, but that is not important right now).

In the desire to give great gifts, I buy things from Cabela's for Johnny. Usually, I get soft cover catloges. But apparently I have passed into the hardcover group. Maybe because of the Christmas gift last year, which was, (wait for it) an electric meat grinder. Not the small wall mounted stuff from the past. No, this is called a commercial-grade electric grinders 1 HP

Can you hear the men grunting?

It takes work to be amazing!

Love you Johnny!

Aren't those green eyes to die for?

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kelly said...

You are a spectacular mother-in-law and a world class gift-giver. All your expertise does not go unnoticed. Love you!