Wednesday, September 10, 2008

of softball and soccer

We have always been a baseball, softball family. Gene would take turns coaching softball, baseball and t-ball.
That is one of my favorite team pictures. Check out that hair! And the signature open mouth of the Pensiero family.

Mary was all league in High School. (as evidenced by the white letter)
Then there was the time Geno won an optimistic club award in High School and the speaker was the 1990 Olympic Softball Gold Medalist!

That is until Kelly (check out her stats) came into our lives. Now there is the constant debate - softball vs soccer.
That's our Kelly, she was a sunbird of the year! (If you want to know what that means click here)

I still remember putting a rally monkey near the T.V. when the Angels were in the World Series.
(which in my opinion is way better than the tomahawk chop!)

Back to my post.
This years olympics were both sad and happy at the same time.
Happy because we won the silver in softball and the gold in soccer! (I know Kelly is so proud)

But sad because they decided softball is no longer an Olympic sport.
Who makes these decisions? Probably the same person who made this one...
synchronized diving, really?

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geno said...

amazing post mom. loved it.