Saturday, September 27, 2008

Toy Story Mania, and I Finally Won!

Step right up! Hey Lady, I'm talking to you!

Our first stop was Toy Story Mania. You might remember we won a sneak preview back in June and ever since then I have been wanting to ride again! In fact, it might have been this first night's wait in the que that wiped me out for the rest of our trip. It was a 45 min. wait. That wasn't the problem. It was that it was very HOT inside the que.

I couldn't resist taking this picture. Usually DL is so great about picking up the trash. I don't know what was up with this, but every can in the line looked like this. Kind of gross.

Here we go....did I win?

No, I was player 1. However, I was more accurate.

How about that time? (we rode about 4 times) No...I was player 2, but again I was more accurate!

But, I thought you said you won....(you might think). Well, I did. But it was against Marti! We met up with my MBFCF BFF, Marti. I really can't write about it as great as she does, so read all about it here. I am not sure if she is saying I am not perfect....but I don't care! I WON!

However my accuracy suffered! But I WON!

1 comment:

Marti said...

Yes! You beat me! I noticed that you didn't mention that it was MY FIRST TIME!!

I demand a re-match! You must come back soon! =D