Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As you wish Jessie.....

There is my amazing Coach pumpkin, It turned out pretty sweet thanks to my friend Marti, who gave me the idea (from a Hallmark Magazine). (credit where credit is due!)

Our church had a Harvest Festival on Sunday night. For years we would do it on Halloween night to give folks an alternative thing to do that was not going door to door. Before we got the building we would do it at various homes that were out in the country. The problem always was trying to get everything set up. Families were always rushed to get there after work. Then the contests for Chili and Pie were added. After we entered the building we decided to have it the Sunday before Halloween. It seems to be a better time for everyone, however this year it was almost a week before Halloween. It was a great time! We had our usual Pie, Chili and Salsa Contests. We have a few midway type games for the kids, all with free prizes. This year the prizes looked especially good. (snap bracelets, stuffed animals, glow necklaces, clackers, just to name a few) We have a pot luck where you are asked to bring a side dish and a salad or dessert. I brought Marti's Arroz Con Pollo. Everyone seems to love it. I also brought the famous cabbage salad that I always bring. It is a great salad that stands up well to the pot luck atmosphere.

There is also a pumpkin carving contest. They make a catagory for every pumpkin and every pumpkin gets a ribbon. Some are bigger than others (the ribbons). Here are a few shots of the pumpkin carving contest:

This was Cecilia's-it got "most precise pumpkin"- probably because they heard that Gene used a drill on it!

This was Ashley's.....pretty sweet!

This was Gene's entry for "best Calvary", but he didn't get the big ribbon for that. I think they called it "most pastoral" The HHH stands for the name of the event-Harvest Hallelujah Happening.

Here is a glimpse of most of them. I love this part...they put them on the steps that go to the upstairs youth area. Mostly to keep kids from going up there, but I am always so happy with the display!

The most unusual ones was by a couple of sisters who each did a Potato Head one with signs that said Go Pastor Gene and Go Pastor Geno! That was pretty cute! It's great to be loved!

Almost all are gone, that's because most have gone home. We are one of the last to leave and CJ was admiring my Coach Pumpkin!

It was a fun night!

I do have one funny story. To make it easier on us and others I had a flame less candle in my pumpkin. Of coarse when the event started it was light. So it got dark and they helpers decided to turn the pumpkins on. A father-son team (they shall remain nameless to avoid ridicule) tried and tried to light my candle. They tried to dig out the wick. They tried everything! Finally they turned it upside down and saw it had a switch! I only wish I could have been there to see it!

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Marti said...

So glad you went with the Cinderella coach. It's so beautiful!

Sorry you didn't win a ribbon. =(