Monday, October 20, 2008

For Wendy and Tammi

For the last few nights we have seen a toad on our walks. We walk every night after dark. Years ago we would see toads all the time. We would have them on our porch. We would see them hopping in the street. We would see babies! (I see they are called tadpoles, like frogs, but that is not important right now)

I decided I would take my camera...because the last time we saw one we only had Gene's cell.

See, lame....So I bought my camera. As we do, we walk by several families homes that go to our church. (in fact a big percentage of our neighbors go to our church, but that is not important right now) They saw us and were wondering why I had a pretty big camera around my neck. Sadly, the toad wasn't out in his normal spot. I was so bummed out! But about a block away there was another one! Gene is so fast with that flashlight! He said...there's one! And we got our picture!

Ok, admit it...pretty sweet! So there you are Wendy and Tammi....a toad!

1 comment:

Marti said...

Seriously?? Toads???

We see cottontail bunnies on our street.

Enough said. =D