Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My favorite story of the trip

So we come back to the hotel after a big day of fun and this was in our bathroom.

What is it? A Disneygram, of coarse. What does it say? (Wait for it....)

It says they are going to have a planned power outage that night. From 1 to 3 AM the power was out. Not to worry...they gave us glow sticks, just in case we needed to go anywhere.

Well, I sleep with ear plugs, so I really didn't notice, but Gene woke up because of the eerie lack of noise. He woke me up and said, "it's true, the power is off and there are glow sticks along the hall"! What did I say? "Take a picture of the hall!" I'm always thinking of you all!

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Marta said...


I don't know why I know that's the name of those glow things. Just one of those random facts that get stuck in my brain.

Excellent story!