Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 Christmas tree is so grand!

This year we decided to get a live tree.

We really misjudged the hardness of putting lights on it and heavy ornaments...well, that is not good. But 1000 lights later it is done! I am NOT looking forward to taking everything off. In the mean time, it is a pretty glorious tree!

Kelly and Geno gave us our first gift-

What could be in it?

We were talking about the Jack Skeleton ornament from last year...and one of us said "I wonder if they have ornaments from the Nightmare Before Christmas"? Low and behold they had bought them for us. I guess they were afraid we would buy them so the package was waiting for me at work the next day. Last year be bought a couple of ornament spinners. Guess what we put on it?



I know, we're weird!

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