Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking in the mist

A couple of nights ago it was the foggiest night ever! The weathermen were saying it was "0" visibility everywhere! My husband gets a text from Kikita that says "go outside and see the moon! It is the biggest of the year!" Gene and to answer with "no moon here, precious, only fog!" (LOTR quotes we love to do to each other and he probably didn't say it that way, but I would have so that's what I put here!)

So off into the fog we go! I love the fog as I have mentioned many times on my blog. I usually try and take photos in the day but I had a hankering to try at night. I should take a class on how to best use my camera, but here are a couple of attempts. You might think, there the moon is. But you would be so wrong! That was the closest thing we could see to a moon. It was the street light at the corner just off the end of my driveway.

This is my neighbor's house as you can see barely making out the TRASH cans at the bottom left of the picture. His lights that should be so brightly shining were hazy...that is the fog not my camera!

Anyway, that night you could not see more than one house away. The sound or lack of is so wonderful in the fog! We went out for our walk and did a good 45 minutes walk. We were wet from the mist but didn't care! It's our only weather thing....and we love it!

Today it is beautiful. No Fog. There was some rain and it washed away all the stuff in the air. It is beautifully clear. But, what usually happens after a winter storm leaves the fog comes back even denser. See it has something to do with the dew point and the air temperature. All I know is if the dew point is the same as the temperature then watch out! Fog will be here!

I'm sure you loved reading this....I know boring...but I couldn't help trying to talk picture and see if I could even do it. So that is the real reason for the post! :D

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