Sunday, January 04, 2009

If you thought I am crazy, you were right!

I really miss the shiba cam! I found this little clip on u-tube (where else?) that made me cry! I know I am so weird! Who knew something so sweet could affect me so much. With all the horrible news in the world and all the cruelty Thank heavens for surprises like the shiba cam! I received an email from the National Shiba Inu Club that told me about this

A calendar for 2009 with the puppies from the famous litter! Of coarse I bought it! Proceeds go to Shiba Rescue. I thought that was especially cute. Of coarse, you remember my own little Momo is related to these pups in a round about way. and Momo was in the official 2006 Shiba Inu Calander.

We affectonately refer to her as Miss November! And pictures of our little family are posted on the National Shiba site, but I digress.

Thank you so much Shiba Puppy Cam Owners! We loved watching them! I for one and sad they are gone but trust their new owners are giving them as much love as we give ours!

Bye puppies! Hope to hear some day how you all are doing!

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