Tuesday, January 13, 2009

P's and I don't think I am an egomaniac!

Egomaniac - an abnormally egotistical person. Well, maybe! You decide!
At first glance you might think so, but I beg to differ! I have this little coffee table. It has a lip on it so I decided to get a piece of glass cut to fit into the groove. Then I thought, I'll desplay things under it. First, I put things I really liked. But once someone spills some water on it the liquid can seep under the glass and ruin whatever is under it. So, I have opted to change it to various things. I've had picture of "pooh" having adventures when CJ was gone. I have had some of the Christmas cards I received placed there. I decided to put the various "P's" from around Disneyland and California Adventure. Some of them are pretty inventive (if I do say so myself), some of them are from Marti's scavenger hunt. Who knew there were so many "P" at Disneyland! How about the next time you go, you take pictures of the letters in your name!


Jessica said...

hey that sounds like fun i think i will!! :)

geno said...

i love it!

Marti said...

You are always so fun and creative. I love that idea!