Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What does our city do in these hard times?

As we were leaving church services on Sunday, I happen to walk around the corner. Low and behold something blue catches my eye. I don't know when or how but seemingly overnight these little medallions appeared virtually all over town! Do we need these? Somehow they are on almost every drain in the city. I never saw a crew or trucks or anything, nevertheless they are there. How much do you think that cost? They are so colorful, beautiful even. Is it really necessary to put this on the drain? I mean, I never see anyone dumping anything toxic in the drains. Everyone knows you are not suppose to do that. Not to mention most people would just flush the toxic things. (maybe one of these beauties will appear on my toilets)

In a time of such financial troubles, our city does this! We have many stores and restaurants closing their doors, people loosing their jobs, and or city does this! I'm concerned for our little town. 2 major stores-Gottschalks and Mervyns have closed at our mall. The only anchor stores left are Sears and Penney's. Sales tax has gone up and now the stores I like to shop at are gone. I don't even know where I can shop for cloths, since I usually went to those stores. I guess I will resort to shopping on line. But I digress, the real thing is why would our city do this?

I wonder what about the times you have to drain your pool? Most people with a swimming pool have to drain it every few years because of chemical buildup. (if your total dissolved solids (TDS) exceed 1,500 parts per million (ppm) or if your calcium hardness exceeds 350 ppm or about 20 grains) Are you suppose to, what? Not ever drain your pool, because "only rain in the drain"?

Looking on the Internet, it seems it is not legal to drain swimming pool water into the street. I am wondering what people with older pools are suppose to do? When did life get so complicated?

One thing that cracks me up, farmers can put who knows what into the air and water, but we can't drain our pools. Then there is the arsenic content in our water. I just got another notice in my water bill about the level being too high.

I wonder who makes up our laws?

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Denise Ybarra said...

i saw these last week at the farmers market...made me laugh cause i had read this post before. i guess spending the money on trying to get the arsenic out of the water isn't so much of a priority!