Saturday, June 06, 2009

I have dreams! Or maybe delusions!

I love founains! Especially the fountains of Disneyland! This one is located at California Advenure on the Paradise Pier near the bathrooms. Of coarse I tried to get a rad picture, but the other day at Home Depot we saw there were different heads for fountains that could accomplish the same feel. So we bought one!

As you can see...the motor was not powerful enough to make that cool effect . I settled for this (above). Not the same but cool none the less.

Then a miracle happened, (quote for you Amadeaus fans), the motor went out! So we bought a more powerful motor and here you go...

Pretty much EXACTLY like Disneyland....Ok, well maybe not so exactly...but to me it is!

So, should I try this one?????

Or, how about this one.

I think not....

Now this one is one I could recreate...Don't you think?

Close I know. I'm a genius!

Or maybe not so close!

In my mind it's all the same. As I'm typing I hear my fountain! It sounds so wonderful! And the birds love my back yard one (above). Of coarse I will have to try and catch them on the wading deck. You will just have to take my word for it, they use it.

I have a thought...what about this?

The back side of water! I bet I could do it! All I need is a cliff, a river and a boat.....ummmm, I better stop before I drive my husband crazy!

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