Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A blessing-almost sweat pant weather!

3 years ago a sweet friend of mine went home to be with the Lord. Her name was Debbie. She died from Lymphoma at only 47 years of age. It seemed to come on so fast, and just as fast she was gone.

Gene came home yesterday from a visit with her husband with a journal. Mike was so sweet to share it with us. I admit I was a little apprehensive about reading it. I think it is because of all the loss in my life that I don't really like thinking about those that are gone. In this case that is really a stupid way to feel, because she was a believer in Jesus and there is no doubt of where she is and that I will see her again.

So, I opened the diary. (A really cool diary, BTW. I guess they bought it at a local renaissance fair. It is bound together with leather straps and the paper is homemade with flower petals embedded, but that is not important right now!) There were only 2 entries and after reading them I wished there were more!

As I read along, it was as if I could hear her talk. Her same personality came back to me and I was suddenly hit with how wonderful a person she really was. The entries were about how she hoped people saw the love of Jesus in her life, how she hoped her children knew how much they are loved by their dad and the desire that she ends her life well. (those are my words, a summary, if you will)

She starts with this..."today is the first time I had to put on sweat pants this year". That made me smile! It was October, and it is very hot here for about 6 months of the year. It's so true! I mark the season by when I can wear something like sweat pants (or sweaters)!

I loved seeing her familiar writing. She was always so great at sending thank you notes, encouraging notes, birthday cards, anniversary cards and e-mails! She loved to send cards to everyone! I found some I have saved over the years.
If I was ever discouraged or down, Debbie always had a kind word. She would e-mail daily and we would share things about our lives. There were lots of things she loved-tea, Lord of the Rings, piercings (she had lots of earring piercings), tattoos, cross stitching and one thing I learned. She wanted to learn how to paint! You know, she never said a cruel or mean word to me about anyone. She was genuinely sweet. I truly miss her.

Even after 3 years Debbie is there to encourage me! Thanks Debbie!

I was looking for a picture on my computer of Debbie and found this instead. Seems fitting. It is of her husband Mike's tattoo commemorating her life.

I think I will have some tea and think of her.

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Kath in UK said...

Fantastic what a gify whe left her hsband and he has shared with you.
My mother keeps a diary most days, just short and to the point but we recently thought we'd lost her so it brings closer the inevitable time when she has to leave. I fullly intend to treasure these diaries.