Friday, July 10, 2009

33 years today!!!!

It was 33 years today at 2:00PM. (which is when I scheduled this to publish) We were so young! We were married in a little stone chapel inside a cemetery! Yes, a cemetery! Looking for information, it seems it has grown way up. With all kinds of services. But when we were married, it was just a cute stone building in the front of a cemetery in Santa Ana (my home town) called Waverly Chapel. The photos on line look just the same!

I thought I'd post some pictures from the past 33 years...hope you like!

Apparently he loves those kind of hats! This was us just after our wedding on a speed boat on our way to our camping site.

This was just before our wedding in Mexico. I don't know who that guy was in the background. I love this picture and love that hat! Gene use to always wear it!

Here we are in Catalina. Probably the summer after our wedding. (1977) I believe this picture was taken by Marti! Remember Marti? I believe your bathing suit was red!

Here we are going on the new Space Mountain at Disneyland! This too was taken by Marti!

This was just a few years ago taken by a nice passerby at DL.

I love the shots we take all by ourselves! Kind of like a personal moment!

Christmas a couple of years ago, taken by one of my children.

And this was last week! Taken by me! As you can see, he loves that hat!

It's seems like just a blink of the eye! I feel blessed beyond words! Gene has been the most amazing husband, father and friend. I couldn't have wanted a better life for myself. Happy Anniversary Gene and....I love you more!(...only Coco can say that)


Marti said...

Congratulations, my friend!

33 years of a wonderful marriage is an amazing accomplishment in this age.

So happy that I was there from Day One to witness your sweet life together (and document some precious moments, too).

I love you both so very, very much.

Patrick said...

Happy Happy Anniversary. You guys are loved. Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

Ashley K said...

I love you too! Your blog made me tear up.