Thursday, July 02, 2009

There was a wedding, there was a trip-LDN update!

A few weeks ago we received a surprise wedding invitation for Gene's brother. Unfortunately, Gene had already accepted a speaking engagement at a Church in Tehachapi. We decided we had just enough time to do the church service then get to the wedding. The wedding was in San Bernardino which was 2+ hours from where we were in Tehachapi. We told our daughter that we were going to go and being the sensible gal she is she said "let's go to Disneyland for a couple of days after!" I love Disneyland, but we don't usually go in the summer. In recent years I have always had to use a wheelchair when it is anywhere near summer. But, when you have a granddaughter who can deny her a trip to DL?

I'll spare you the suspense, NO WHEELCHAIR! It was hot (but not 100 degrees hot). I am so happy, I didn't have to use the dreaded chair! I walked and walked. I was amazed. I am not sure why I could do it and frankly I don't care. I struggled with the crowds and had an amazing time.

I quit the Betaseron about 2 1/2 years ago along with starting LDN and I have never looked back! This was the best trip ever! Yes, I was tired. Yes, I wish I was younger, but I really felt M.S. wasn't a big deal this time. (maybe age, but not the M.S.)

I only wish we could have stayed longer and visited with friends. Maybe I will have another trip like this!

Here are some pics of our time!

Gene and his brothers!

No wedding would be complete without the cutest girl in the world! (or at least the cutest hair do!)

Here we are at our hotel, Paradise Pier!

The first thing I saw were these amazing balloons! I LOVE them! They light up! Whoever thought of this is amazing! They even......wait for it.....have an on off switch! WHOA! Of coarse I bought one!

We got there in time to watch the fireworks show. I was really amazed Dumbo!

I think it was the best firework show ever!
The next day was fun but the best thing was watching CJ. She squealed in delight in Small World waving at the characters as if they were alive. Everyone around watched her and smiled! There is nothing like sheer delight and wonder of Disneyland!
Whoever came up with this idea, was a genius! All the kids played and screamed every time the water squirted up. (in bugs land-California Adventure) Even the cast member got into the act and screamed!

I don't think I ever noticed the light house really lights up!

The vulture (?) was on! I don't remember seeing it working in recent years! (Jungle Cruise Queue)
We are all 4 in this picture! Do you see us? (quite a hard shot, since it was moving!)
Spent lots of time trying to get a shot in the reflection!
Believe it or not this was Gene and CJ's Toy Story Mania score! Can you believe a 3 year old got 14,400?
We had Premium seating for the Electrical Parade!

And for Fantasmic. I couldn't believe it, but the "viewing area" for Fantasmic became "closed".

We made our stop at Snow White's wishing well! It even had water in it! (last few times I was there it was waterless and stinky!)

Can't resist the occasional light photo!

It is always so sad when you have to leave! Good bye Disneyland!

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