Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's been a long time

I know! I just don't seem to have enough time the last few weeks. Our church has been doing a women's ministry called Apples of Gold. I am hosting a table. It requires a lot of preparation and frankly I'm pretty tired. Tonight, I'm sitting here thinking I should post something! So, here are some shots of my tables for the past 3 weeks.

The first week's topic was kindness. The gals in the kitchen served and demonstrated soup. I was excited because I got to use my everyday dishes, which are very "happy"! Our church does a creative thing, where different women host tables at various functions. (like Women's Christmas dinner, Valentines dinner, etc) Usually when I host a table it is around Christmas time and hence I have only used my Christmas dishes. It has been a fun treat for me to be able to use my Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet dishes. I gave my girls a cute apple notebook and a magnate that has the Bible reference Proverbs 25:11.

The next week was on Loving your Husbands and Children. I gave them a thoughtful little book called "If" by Amy Carmichael. I think it was a great choice

And this past Monday night our topic was submission. My table looked great, I think! I gave the girls a book and CD by Don McClure called "None of these things move me". Very moving little book that helps put into perspective what is really necessary in the world.

Next week is on Purity! Any ideas for my table? Again, sorry for the lame posting lately. I hope to get back with it. I'm doing great on LDN and doing pretty good with M.S. I am better as the nights gets cooler. I'll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading and have a great night!

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