Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can't let this one go

We had our regular Harvest Hallelujah Happening (HHH for short) 3 weeks or more ago now! I wanted to blog about it, but time passed and then it became too late. I was looking in my drafts, and low and behold this was there. Well, I have to show my ribbons! We received 2 of the amazing ribbons. Gene won for the "Best Calvary Themed" Pumpkin and I received 2nd for the same Chili that won in 2003. I guess people really like that chili. We never eat it! I didn't really want to win, just brought it for the contest. They give out really cool ribbons and a ribbon along with an apron to the winner. (I just wanted a cool ribbon!) I made an amazing pie, which I hear got 4th. The criticism was that they could taste too much lemon. Well, it was the most delicious thing I tasted! (and pretty beautiful!)

Here is the pumpkin that won!

This is one we carved with CJ.

This is my Amazing Spiced Apple Pear Pie, with Lemon! (maybe if I would have named it that, I would have won)

This year there were pony rides! Check it out...Levi is so cute!

Right now my ribbons are pined to the door so every time I leave I see them and think...."I am a winner"!


sarah said...

Your pie crust looks incredible! I have no doubts the filling was equally delicious!

Aida said...

i'm a fan of lemon.. made an apple crumble last week and it was lemony(unexpectedly but it made the dish to me!) and i also made a pie for HHH.. which became a goopy mess on me but tasted really good! made the same recipe a week later using coconut instead of banana and it was perfect.. The Lord humbles us in the simplest ways!