Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I know another Adam!

During the shower I talked about yesterday. Adam came to visit. Well, he stopped by on his way to see his girlfriend in Redding. It was so nice that he went a little out of his way (I-5 is a bit out of the way of our little town) to come and say Hi. I wish this was in focus, but you know how hard it is for cameras to get the one action shot! (notice how I blame the camera)

Not only did he stop by, he had a gift with him! Leave it to Marti to send a shower gift! Thanks BFF!

CJ met Adam a few weeks ago at Disneyland. She didn't seem to understand that he was the same Adam. She kept saying she knew another Adam from Disneyland. We would say he is the same Adam and she said no, he has a beard!

We tried and tried to get her to understand he was the same Adam.

I guess she accepted it because we gave him a kiss!

Thanks for the visit Adam #2! We love you MORE!

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