Thursday, February 04, 2010

Of Fairy Godmothers . . .

Since I have been so lame in posting the past few months, I thought it would be nice to hear from others in my life! So, if anyone is reading or wants to participate feel free to send me a post at and I would love to post it. Use whatever topic you like. he following is from my BFF's daughter Amy. There she is above with my beloved dog Momo. You can read a few of my thoughts on Amy here. (click link)
This is Amy. Her smile it lights up the whole room! I think you will agree! So, without further Ado, here's Amy's post! (with pictures and red text added by me)-

Fairy Godmothers are a rare breed. There are not many fairy tales that actually have them. Thanks to the magic of Disney, there are a few really good ones (and I'm definitely including the the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio in this group).

Hello, everyone! My name is Amy and I will be your poster for today. Feel free to put me up on the wall. No autographs, please. ;-)

When I was a little girl (VERY little, we're talking 3 or 4 here) my favorite Disney cartoon was Pinocchio and I wanted to be the Blue Fairy when I grew up. I also wanted a cricket for a friend and a black and white cat I could call "Figaro," but that's not important right now. (Yes, I DID get the cat. I won't use the word "spoiled" though.)

Being from a big, fat, Cuban family that had originally-at-some-point-but-not-really-anymore been Catholic, we maintain the tradition of godparents. So, technically speaking, I have an actual godmother (my aunt) and as a child I really did think she was a fairy. Her job as my "fairy godmother" basically consists of giving me gifts and cards on major holidays and she still does it to this day. But, I have been blessed. I'm lucky. I have a SECOND Fairy Godmother (one more, and I'm a regular Sleeping Beauty).

She showers me with gifts. Little gifts. These amazingly thoughtful and personal things that overwhelm me with a feeling of love and security. Plus, I know that I can call her at any moment and she will be there for me in any way she can.

I know I called her my 2nd godmother, but she's also like a 2nd mother. Actually, I call her my "almost mother." You see, she had been dating my father and, after she broke up with him, was the one who introduced him to my mother. The two couples used to do everything together.
(Amy's mom took this picture in Catalina on one of our many vacations together!)
It really was like right out of a movie or a sit com. At least, that's what it looks like to me. As it does, life happened and the couples lost touch. Only to reconnect again years later thanks to the magic of Disney . . . wait, no, the magic of the Internet! =D

So, this godmother of mine knows how much I love Lord of the Rings. In fact, I do believe that was how we really got re-connected. We used to send our favorite LOTR quotes back and forth to each other . . . for DAYS.

(This is a shot of the line at Trilogy Tuesday in 2003. We needed Amy's help to tell us the words to the Hobbit Drinking Song. Then we sang it and won stuff!)

When the Return of the King came out and it was an all-day extravaganza, my FGM (Fairy GodMother) was sharing the day with me. She would ask for help with trivia questions, she would send pictures. It was a blast. And then, because I know she just adores me more than I could ever deserve, she sent a bunch of the stuff that she won to me.

Ok, I hope I've established that this FGM will do just about anything to see me smile (and no, she does not work at a McDonald's). We constantly share the simple things that are happening in our life. She will send me a picture of LOTR on TV with a quote from the movie. I'll send her a picture to let her know I'm at Disneyland and she's on my mind.

So, the other day she sent me a short video of her husband reading to their granddaughter. He was doing an accent and everything. It cracked me up to the point that I wanted to know what book it was because I definitely wanted to go buy it. She told me that she would have him read the whole thing and that she would send it to me. So, I expected to get another message sent to my phone, but this time, the message came via the magical Internet:

I can't believe they did this for me. I am so touched. I think it is just so funny!

I'm sure you know that she collects silhouettes from Disneyland now. Well, since she always sends me such thoughtful gifts,there was just one thing I could do . . . I had to send her one of me, with THE Fairy Godmother. Ms. Bippity-Boppity-Boo herself. No, the Disney people did NOT have one ready to go. I had to pour through picture books and find just the right one. The Disney people liked it so much that they put it in their book as a regular one that they offer.
(We are such trend-setters!)

I am so grateful to have a Fairy Godmother like Pam in my life. She brings magic to my world in ways that no one else can. (I love you!!)
(I love you MORE!)
Thanks Amy for the wonderful post! Can't wait to hear all about your trip to Cuba!

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Marti said...

Great post!

I love that all four of my kids call you their Fairy Godmother. It's a testament to how much they all love and admire you.

But I love you MORE!