Monday, April 19, 2010

A huge project! Didn't know we had it in us!

We are only two now and frankly we don't like yard work or really being in the yard. Mostly because it is so HOT most of the year! (and by hot I mean 100°+ which does not go well with M.S.) All of that to give a reason why these planter boxes and the bricks look the way they do! This patio area of our yard has needed repair or years! The past month or so we have started repairing it. It was a hard job and frankly I am surprised we could pull it off. We had to borrow a truck to get the stuff here. But then we pretty much did it all ourselves. Well, Gene did most of it, but I did help. I did a lot of the repairs to the broken mortar and I got to pack the posts with pea gravel. (as you can see in the collage above)
Gene's idea was to put this little brick at the junction of the beams. And so we each cut one (for the two junctions). Now, because I watch a lot of home improvement shows, I knew how to cut one
Well, there's not much to comment on that!
So, after about a month, we finished the repairs. We need to figure out the color to paint it (it will go along with the new house colors). For now, it looks pretty amazing! A job well done!
There is one exception....
This brick. I now we should replace it, but I am so reluctant to do it. It is one of the last memories I have of our dear dog Aurora. She was a Siberian Husky (we had 3 in our lifetime). She use to chew on everything, including this brick! Sadly it is in a bad place, on the stairs down to the brick patio. Every time I sweep a little bit gets swept off. I just can't seem to want to replace it. Maybe I'll wait until we move. (if we ever do) For now I leave it there to remember her and smile at her mischievous personality!

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