Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Birthday MONTH? Hummmm.....

I've been a little down lately (don't know why). So what do I do? I complain to my BFF about it! She is so amazing and listens nicely to me. Marti, I really appreciate that! She mentioned she had picked up my birthday gift the other day. Well....you can't just say that...am I right people? I needled her and convinced her that it would be cruel and unusual punishment for me to have to wait 6 weeks to get it! I mean after all, she could displace it or forget where she put it! I mean..it could get lost! And having the name Pandora, you understand, I can't really handle waiting for things, not to mention unopened boxes! So yesterday I received a text from her that said "anything yet?" I had to say "I'm not home" and she promptly said "go home!"

When I got home a package was waiting for me and when I opened it, all those amazing things were in it! First of all, the Pineapple drawing from her daughter Amy! I love it! Ever since I found out Psych (T.V. show) hides a pineapple in every episode, I get fascinated with the pineapple! Not fascinated, but obsessed. Which was why it was so cool when a good friend named Leigh brought me a pineapple back from Hawaii...

I guess that is not important right now! But it was cool that she brought that back for me and didn't even know how I feel about the pineapple. Not to mention the PINEAPPLE WHIP at Disneyland....but that is another post topic!

Amy had drawn that picture of a pineapple and I just loved it. (you know I will frame it!) So how sweet are they to send it to me?

Then, the card! I just can't express how wonderful reading the card made me feel. We have been BFF for as long as I can remember. (well...like 34 years! YIKES) The card would have been enough (right-LOL, no really!). Especially the to "Pam, my BFF" part! Isn't it just wonderful to be loved?

So what was inside the box????

Only this amazing bracelet! She said she got it from the Sawdust Festival, read about her Sawdust Festival experiences here! I remember those days! I wished I lived closer to go with her! I remember (ahem...30+ years ago!) when it was a little arts festival off the side of the road. I got one of my oldest Christmas ornaments there.

I know this is not important right now...but I spent a long time looking for a picture of it...it is in the middle to the right of Tinkerbell. It's an amazing little A frame house with a little mouse made out of a pussy willow and other "natural" things like seed pods. It is truly amazing...really SMALL! I remember it was an elderly lady who was selling them. But, this is not what the post is about!

It's about that! Or, that is the one Marti has! Mine looks like this:

It takes my breath away! Thank you dear friend for raising my spirits and always being there! Thank you for understanding and never judging! I love you MORE!

If you'd like to know more about these awesome bracelets...click here! And, why the title? Well, my sweet Daughter-in-Love (seems weird to say in-law) started a tradition of celebrating birthdays for a week! I'm thinking about making it a month! What do you think? LOL, I crack myself up!

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Marti said...

So glad you loved it! Now you must wear it every day and think of me. =D

I love you MORE.

PS. In spite of being 6 weeks early, remember....I want birthday credit! LOL