Thursday, May 19, 2016

I've been so neglecting my little blog.  I have good intentions to keep on going.  Here is a brief catch up.

Last few years I have fallen into the dreaded Secondary Progressive M.S. (SPMS)  I won't be focusing on this but instead I plan to give an account of how I'm muddling gliding through this time of life.

A few years back I had to go through the Social Security Disability process.  I came through it fine and then started to figure where I fit in.  I haven't driven for many years.  I have my license and feel I can still drive a bit, but I don't choose to drive because I don't feel my reaction time is fast enough.  It is a strange thing when your limbs won't respond when your brain tells them to!

So, I am pretty much home bound unless my dear friends carry me around.  I am blessed with many of these precious friends.

I no longer take LDN, because my doctor left the area and I don't want to go on the quest of finding another one.  So, I am on Copaxone.  It really hasn't been bad with side effects.  There was one side effect that I was dealing with for some time now (years), I didn't know it was a side effect.  Apparently the Copaxone lowers my ability to fight off shingles.  I would get them every couple of months with other blisters pretty much all the time.  Well, I finally mentioned it and was told that the Capoxone is the culprit.  I was perscribed an anti viral drug called Valacyclovir.  So now I haven't had those terrible shingles for about a year now!  (insert happy dance here)

So, where to now?  No job...lots of time.  I decided to persue somethings i've always wanted to do., jewelry making.

Several years later, I've become pretty good at it.  I opened a little etsy shop.  I post my items on Facebook, my page is Pandora Lee Originals.  (I know, not very original) I started and continue to do the jewelry as a hobby.

 Here is my awesome logo by the beautiful and talented Lucy Darby

And here is and example of my jewelry.  Fine silver bangle with a hand forged cross. I really enjoy learning new things. I take classes on line and then dive into trying.  Right now I focus on pure silver, sterling silver and some copper.  I also love resin.  See there are so many things to do!   And as before, I love birding and enjoying the small, simple things.  Thank you to everyone who reads this little blog.  I hope to inspire and encourage all those who struggle with any life altering situation.

Love you guys!

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