Friday, November 10, 2006

Cecilia Jean

We were blessed this year with a Granddaughter and I must say, being a Grandma is wonderful! I just love this picture because it captures her personality, much to her mom's chagrin! Cecilia was named after her Great Great Grandma who was born in Italy. She has her beautiful light blue Northern Italian eyes. I think God gives us another chance to remember how wondrous life truly is when he gives us grandchildren. I can hardly remember my own children at this age however I do remember being very rushed and stressed about life. When CJ comes over to visit we just sit and play with her sometimes for hours. I notice how much more patience I have now than I did then and I think if I could do it over I would try and enjoy each precious moment. I am so happy God gave me another chance with grandchildren! Kiss your kids and enjoy that screaming!

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