Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cuban Care

It's true! I receive Cuban Care packages from my dear friend Marta. You can read about us on her blog! By far the thing I love the most is the "secret" seasoning packet from Goya. It makes every rice dish delicious! This last box included a new product for me to be hooked on. It is the Magno shower gel and soap from Spain. You see we had our bathroom remodeled and Marti wanted to send an appropriate gift! Boy was she right! Not only does it smell great, but the gel leaves no scum! Thanks Marti! I just love the soap. I think she may start selling it on her site. Click here to check see if she has any.

I can't say enough what a blessing the care packages are! Like Marti said on her blog, we have been friends for a very long time. I truly appreciate her friendship and getting to know her beautiful children! Here's to 30 more years, Marti!

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Marti said...

Thanks for the nice words. There's nothing I love more than getting you hooked on Cuban products! It is the Enabler in me - ha! Kisses!