Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

If you were reading Marti's blog, then you know I am already getting ready for Christmas. In my defense, we will be going to Disneyland this week, and I didn't want to come home to an undecorated home. So, we have been working on our trees! I just love the Christmas tree. In my home there are 9, so far, of various sizes and styles. I don't have a big home, but I just fill every nick and cranny! These two to the left are in the living room. The white/silver one is not old (vintage) but it is amazing. That is the official one. The pickle will be hidden on that one. This year, however, I had to camouflage it so it wasn't so easy to find. If you don't know about the pickle game click here and find out! It is so fun! The pink tree to the left of the white one is a newly handmade one, found on eBay. It will have more mickey ornaments when I return home.

Last year I sniped a great deal on eBay, a 1960's silver tree. It had rarely been put together. We got it out this year and low and behold there was a little brochure that told you the proper way to decorate a aluminum tree. I had to scan it to share with you all. I mean....look at it!

Who ever decorated a Christmas tree in high heels, nylons, salon hair and a dress? I lived in the 50's and 60's and never saw my mom look like that! The last picture is the tree all put together! It is truly amazing....with a color wheel and the Disneyland train going around the base. (you will have to take my word for it!)

Did you know there is an Aluminum Tree Museum? Click and check it out! So you don't think I am the only crazy one....check out this auction and see what I mean. Oh, how I would have loved to have that tree!

Well....we are on our way to Disneyland! I hope to try and post from there...but if not, I'll be back soon! If you would like bigger images of the "HOW TO DECORATE YOUR NEW ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE" brochure, please comment and request them or e-mail me. I wouldn't want you not to know how to properly decorate your tree!

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Marta said...

I feel like such a loser now that I don't have an aluminum tree!!
But I know how to decorate one, if I had it....
Thanks for that. So entertaining.